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Remember that Moloch is also a particularly grisly pagan god. The word means
"king," but it is also the name of the Sun God of the Canaanites of old
Palestine. Sometimes he was associated with the Sumerian god Baal, but he
was much more terrible.
Moloch was represented by a huge bronze statue with the head of a bull. The
statue was hollow, and inside there burned a fire which colored the Moloch a
glowing red. Children were placed on the hands of the statue. Through an
ingenious system the hands were raised to the mouth (as if Moloch were
eating) and the children fell into the fire where they were consumed by the
flames. The people gathered before the Moloch danced to the sounds of flutes
and tambourines, perhaps to drown out the screams of the victims. These
sacrifices to the sun god were supposed to renew the strength of the sun
fire. This ritual was also popular in ancient Carthage, whose people came
from cities on the Palestine coast. Some sources say that in the 8th-6th
century BC  the Israelites  sacrificed firstborn children to him by  in the
Valleye of Hinnom or Gehenna. Some also state that the Moloch in the Old
Testament is not a god, but a specific form of sacrifice.
 Rose Williams

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