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RE: [Milton-L] Lawes againNot a direct answer

I had seen a ref to Argo doing the mask (pasted below)

Another approach:

Emma Kirby has done a cd on Lawes with very positive reviews:


She, or perhaps the The Consort of Musicke may be helpful. 


Why not try contacting them and see if they have done, or would be willing to do this

consort at musicke.net

from an old thread at http://www.urich.edu/~creamer/milton/archives/2001/200112b.txt I did find a ref a while back

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 > I'm afraid I deleted the original email so I do not know who made the
 > original request...
 > I found a web site which lists this lp for sale for 5 pounds (quite a
 > bargain). The catalog number is listed as ZRG 544-5. Hopefully they still
 > have the record. They accept credit cards and mail worldwide.
 > description as follows:
 > John Milton Comus (A Masque) - spoken word Argo
 > Also, I'm not sure if you are aware of this but "Rule Brittania" Thomas
 > scored the masque and this lp might be of interest to you. I found it
I have no idea if this is just the score or
 > entire masque. If you do get this, let me know...
 > Here's the info:
 > THOMAS ARNE: comus
 > LP decca, ols 140, 1972. Ex/Mint.

Hope this helps,
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  I would like to know too. 


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      <<File: ATT3645333.txt>> 
      Can anyone remind or inform me whether a good recording of Lawes' settings for Milton's Mask at Ludlow exists? 

      Diane McColley 


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