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Wow, Angelica!
"besmear'd with blood / Of human sacrifice, and parents' tears"
We watch Moloch run out of Russia from the school-yard.

But for classical battle of scripture: Milton, the master of theodicy 
squares off Moloch, the devil of infant sacrifice,
with Gabriel, the announcer of incarnation. This is military justice to 
face off these two angels and for Gabriel to send Moloch "bellowing" 
(6:362). Milton is the genius of epic symmetry. Your question supports that 
epic design. " Do not be afraid, Mary" Luke 2:30). Then a stretch: Luke 
2:51. I wish I  had time to search the commentaries.

Peace, Kemmer

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>Dear scholars,
>I have a question regarding Moloch, who of course appears in PL 1.381ff 
>and other places in Hell.  My question concerns his appearance in PL 
>6.354ff.  Why is it appropriate that Gabriel fight Moloch?  Milton could 
>have chosen a different rebel angel for Gabriel's combat.  I have looked 
>up the iconographies, footnotes, biblical references, etc.; and I am still 
>left puzzled. References to secondary texts or your gut instinct much 
>May you all have a wonderful labor day weekend... even those of you not in 
>the U.S.
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