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Dear scholars,

I am trying to get a sense of how to best characterize Milton's age when he entered Christ's College, Cambridge.  In his _Life of Milton_, Masson indicates that he entered a little on the late side; in _The Intellectual Development of John Milton_, French provides a table of the ages of the entering class for Milton's year of enrollment to show that he was of average age -- although of course data on other years might show that the year was atypical, and I have heard many say that one should be cautious with the validity of some of French's findings; and, most recently, in _The Life of John Milton_, Barbara Lewalski's statement that he enrolled "later than several of his schoolmates but better prepared than most" seems true but a bit vague to me because, at least according to French, he also enrolled earlier than several of his schoolmates. 

I appreciate all help.  Thank you.


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