[Milton-L] death in Eden.

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Another thing to note, perhaps, is that at PL 11.61, the 
Father claims that he "provided death"--death may exist in 
the "warped mind of Satan" (an old warhorse of an image in 
Milton studies to be sure), but the Father seems to have no 
difficulty regarding it and/or advertising it as his own 
rather strange gift, as line 60 seems to suggest that it was 
provided to relieve humankind of "eternize[d] woe." 

Michael Bryson

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>>Dear Douglas,
>>There is no death in Eden yet.  In Satan, yes because he 
has fallen. 
>>Therefore, he sees death where no death exists yet.  Death 
exists in the 
>>warped mind of Satan [....]
>Is this exactly right? Satan does bump into Death (and Sin) 
on his way out 
>of hell. Arguably, death arose from Satan's mind: Sin 
literally pops out of 
>Satan's head, then they have sex, then Death is born, so in 
a very weird 
>way, Death is the idea of an idea. But Death certainly 
exists outside of 
>Satan's mind before he gets to Earth.
>Peter C. Herman

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