[Milton-L] Purdue, April 1-3, the problem of evil and paradise lost reading

Gardner Campbell gcampbel at umw.edu
Thu Nov 18 14:50:08 EST 2004


I wish I could be there: this looks like an inspired and inspiring
occasion. The casting alone would be worth the trip if I could make it.
Kudos to you for such an imaginative and thoughtful design. It all looks
great, but I'd especially like to hear the Book 7 reading.

I will be sure to share your plans with my seminar students in the
spring as we prepare for our all-night marathon reading. This year will
be our tenth all-night PL reading here at UMW, and my twelfth (1994 at
the University of San Diego, and my very first time through the poem in
1980). If my students hunger for more after our epic reading, I'll send
them your way.

Gardner Campbell
University of Mary Washington
Fredericksburg, VA

>>> ADuran at sla.purdue.edu 11/18/04 01:04PM >>>

Dear scholars, 
It has been encouraging and informative to hear about Paradise Lost
readings that some of you have coordinated.  On April 1 and 3, 2005, I
will be coordinating my first Paradise Lost marathon reading in
conjunction with a conference entitled "The Problem of Evil" sponsored
by the Purdue English and Philsophy Program.  Please see the website
 You can click on the links to find out information about the Paradise
Lost reading.
If you plan on "coming to the cornfields" as they say around here -- at
my grad school Stanford they used to say "coming to the farm" -- please
do tell me so you can join in or at least join me for the various
gatherings we will have on those days.  If you have held a reading,
please, please, PLEASE tell me if there is anything that I should keep
in mind.
Angelica Duran 
Assistant Professor 
English Department 
Purdue University 
500 Oval Drive 
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-2048 
(765) 496-3957, phone 
(765) 494-3780, fax 
<aduran at sla.purdue.edu> 
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