[Milton-L] A Message from the Milton Quarterly staff

Roy Flannagan Roy at gwm.sc.edu
Wed Nov 17 10:15:12 EST 2004

and from Roy Flannagan, personally, about retiring from active duty as
Editor of the Milton Quarterly

	Leaving a job is hard, but not in my case.  I had the luxury of
creating the Milton Newsletter on my own terms in 1966, and now I have
the luxury of retiring from the job of Editor of the Milton Quarterly
before I am completely incapable of doing that job.  I can retire
utterly confident in how capable my successor, Edward Jones, is, and I
know how efficiently our old and new editorial staff has performed and
is performing.		
	The facts are that (1) the journal's base will move from Ohio
University, where it has always been, to Oklahoma State University
(better football team!); and that (2) our wonderful Managing Editor,
Beth Quitslund, and our wonderful Book Review Editor, Beth's husband
Andrew Escobedo, will be giving up their editorial responsibilities in
order to pursue their own ambitious publishing and teaching careers.

	Edward Jones will become Editor, and I will retire from active
duty and be known as Founding Editor, which will mean that I will
provide Edward with help during the transition period and continue to
serve as a consultant and reader on an as-needed basis .  The journal is
virtually virtual these days, so that communication among editors or
contributors in Cambridge (UK or MA) or Oklahoma is comparatively easy. 
Our publishers, Blackwell of Oxford (UK), get camera-ready copy from the
States, and they put the journal in the hands of people from Bulgaria to
New Zealand, not to mention that they produce an electronic version that
can be zapped to any over-crowded library.

	Starting with the first issue of 2005, the Milton Quarterly will
list Oklahoma State as its primary residence, but it will maintain
virtual residences at other universities, as it will with my adopted new
nursing mother, the University of South Carolina, Beaufort, now a
flourishing four-year school, where I will be Chair of the English
Department next year (a job that I conscientiously avoided for 32 years
at Ohio University).

	All manuscripts, as attachments or in paper form, should be sent
from now on to 

Edward Jones, Editor
Milton Quarterly
Department of English, Morrill Hall
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078

Subscription forms and business information are available at the
Blackwell website for the Quarterly


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