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> From: "Dr. Carol Barton" <cbartonphd at earthlink.net>
> Subject: Re: [Milton-L] Best extract of Paradise Lost
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> Interesting in what respect, Alexandra? It would be helpful if you 
> identified the reason for your inquiry and the level of your studies. (Are you an 
> undergraduate or graduate student, a professor, or an independent scholar?) Your 
> question is a very general one, and since it is a matter of personal 
> preference, it is not easy to answer. (Some of us might be tempted to respond, "All 
> of them!")
> Best to all,
> Carol Barton

<<< Yes sorry for not completely introduced me: I'm undergraduate student 
studying English civilization and literature, i read Milton's paradise lost in 
French and English, wonderful translation made by Chateaubriand. I really enjoy 
it but my aim is to make an exposé to French students and i would like some 
advice to select a really important and interesting extract for us to enjoy as 
much as i was. The topic of our class is the "beyond".


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> From: James Rovira <jrovira at drew.edu>
> Subject: Re: [Milton-L] Best extract of Paradise Lost
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> Carol's question is a good one, Alexandra.  If you can think of any 
> specific parameters that'd be helpful.  The facet of PL that seems to 
> get the most attention, however -- especially from non-Miltonists -- is 
> Milton's depiction of Satan.  So perhaps the first three books?  But 
> even this is pretty large, and I suspect you're probably looking for 
> something like 20-50 lines.  What did you have in mind?
> Jim

<<< yes, i try to find  5 or 6 extract in different book that would develop 
my topic.

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> From: "Duran, Angelica" <ADuran at sla.purdue.edu>
> Subject: RE: [Milton-L] Best extract of Paradise Lost
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> Dear Alexandra,
> I agree that we need a little more information to answer your question 
> fully.  One that might help since you mention that you are French is 1.260-270, 
> which contains the section "Better to reign in Hell..." because I know that the 
> fist Spanish translation of Paradise Lost which advertises itself as based 
> on the French translation omits that blasphemous line and modifies the 
> surrounding context.  
> If you are just interested in contemporary Miltonists' favorite lines, one 
> of my favorites is "Servant of God, well done."
> Adios,

Thanks a;lot Angelica i will take this for a godd advice, this will help me !

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> English Department
> Purdue University
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