[Milton-L] FW: Generalizations about marriage

Dan Knauss daniel.knauss at mu.edu
Tue Nov 9 22:35:45 EST 2004

FYI on the papist position/s--Hilmar Pabel informs me that marriage was
dogmatically defined as a sacrament at the Council of Florence c. 1449,
but it was thought of as a sacrament long before that. Peter Lombard
including marriage as a sacrament, albeit grudgingly--merely a "remedium
peccati,"...as if all the other sacraments weren't. Albert the Great and
Aquinas were kinder; John Colet did not accept it as a sacrament. 
"Trent, sess. 24, defines marriage as a sacrament but can. 10
anathamatizes anyone who denies that virginity is more blessed than
marriage.  Pius XII invokes this canon in his encyclical _Sacra
virginitas_ (1954) and so does a post-conciliar catechetical document
from the 1970s."

Apparently still a live issue, John O'Malley argued against Avery
Cardinal Dulles (in <America> in 2002) who claims the second Vatian
council asserted that virginity tops marriage. 

A speculation: "Trent, sess. 24, can. 10 canonized the / a virginty is
better than marriage tradition in Catholicism."

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