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merlinjones merlin77_7 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 8 14:03:44 EST 2004

Dear Most Learned List,

     I am curious as to if there has ever been any
research done with "Paradise Lost" and Process
Philosophy. I have been studying over Entanglement and
Bell's Theorem in view of  how it is a natural
progression of the Process Philosophy of Alfred North
Whitehead. Studying over this, which I do as a hobby,
makes me wonder if any of it would relate to the
manner in which John Milton composed "Paradise Lost."
It seems to me that it could, but I cannot find
anything to support my assumption. So, if anyone on
the list is curious about this sort of thing, and
knows of any resources one should read over, then
please e mail me. 

thank you all very much,

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