[Milton-L] Milton on Cromwell

Trygve Sandvik ASTRS14 at uaa.alaska.edu
Wed Nov 3 11:56:11 EST 2004

It seems to be the accepted view that Milton became disillusioned with 
Oliver Cromwell sometime during the Interregnum. This fits poorly with 
the view that Milton was a man who stuck rigorously to his principles. 
Are we to suppose he was a halfhearted Goebbles to the tyrant Cromwell, 
or did he somehow rationalize the policies of the Protectorate so they 
fell in accord with his values? The commentary I read that leads to the 
former conclusion is based on interpretation of Milton's poetic imagery 
and the 'a plus b equals c' reasoning wherein a (Milton opposed 
tyranny), b (Cromwell became increasingly tyrannical), thus c (Milton 
became increasingly opposed to Cromwell). Can anyone direct me to any 
prose work by Milton in which he explicitly addresses dissatisfaction 
with Cromwell after the Restoration? 

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