[Milton-L] Query: Good scans of Blake illustrations

greg kneidel gkneidel at uconn.edu
Mon Mar 29 15:28:44 EST 2004

Check out


At 02:28 PM 3/29/2004, you wrote:
>A colleague of mine was hoping to find good reproductions of Blake's Milton
>illustrations on line but has had no luck.  He wants to use them to make color
>transparencies for an undergraduate lecture next week.  Apparently nothing he
>found on a search engine was of a high enough resolution for his purposes.  If
>anyone happens to have good downloadable files you don't mind sharing for this
>purpose--I presume copyright for a one-time class situation is not an
>issue--might you send me a sample?  Alternatively, there may be a website my
>colleague's overlooked, so URLs would also be useful.
>Thanks much,
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