[Milton-L] Query: Good scans of Blake illustrations

James Rovira jrovira at drew.edu
Mon Mar 29 15:14:09 EST 2004

I'm suggesting this link even though I'm almost 100% sure your colleague 
has already found it, but the William Blake archive is probably the best 
source of Blake images on the internet.  Here's the link to Milton:


You may want to ask your colleague if he's tried some of the java 
features (calibrating the page, resizing the image, etc.). 

The best images I've seen are on commercial art dealer websites, but 
these only have a very limited number of Blake images and probably not 
too many from Milton. 
This site has nine good Blake illustrations for Paradise Lost, which may 
fit your colleague's needs as well:



Jameela Lares wrote:

>A colleague of mine was hoping to find good reproductions of Blake's Milton
>illustrations on line but has had no luck.  He wants to use them to make color
>transparencies for an undergraduate lecture next week.  Apparently nothing he
>found on a search engine was of a high enough resolution for his purposes.  If
>anyone happens to have good downloadable files you don't mind sharing for this
>purpose--I presume copyright for a one-time class situation is not an
>issue--might you send me a sample?  Alternatively, there may be a website my
>colleague's overlooked, so URLs would also be useful. 
>Thanks much,

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