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Creamer, Kevin kcreamer at richmond.edu
Sat Mar 27 07:46:53 EST 2004


You've done nothing wrong: a virus/worm got lucky sending a message to the
Milton list using your e-mail address.  There is nothing you could have done
to stop a third party from spoofing your e-mail address, and they just got
lucky, since the Milton list only accepts messages from subscribed

There's no need to unsubscribe and resubscribe, since that won't prevent
viruses from getting through.  We just have to hope that this kind of thing
won't happen again on our list (and I will be speaking with Networking here
at Richmond to see if there's anything more that can be done).


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Dear Kevin:
	I'm trying to understand this problem!   I haven't written to 
the Milton-L, that I know of, for some time.  Would it help if I now 
unsubscribed then resubscribed, or even waited a while?
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