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Creamer, Kevin kcreamer at richmond.edu
Fri Mar 26 17:24:59 EST 2004


Richmond's network does have a virus scanner, and should have stripped the
virus from the message.  That said, I'm not going to test that out by
opening the attachment.

In the past, when file attachments were rarely stripped, our network policy
was to send the message on to the recipient in case the message and file
attachment were legitimate (we didn't want things to simply disappear).  I
believe our network services group may reconsider this now that the volume
of spam/virus messages has grown so much.  


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At 01:15 PM 3/26/2004, Roy Flannagan wrote:
>Kevin, et al.,
>I am very suspicious of a message like this, and John Hale should know
>if he is inadvertently sending a virus.

I opened the message but not the attachment when I saw its title. I have 
both Panda and AVG running on my computer and neither of them found 
anything. Panda, however, caught a dialer worm yesterday; it had attached 
itself to a file in my CD-burner software.

Seems to me we had a suspicious attachment on Milton-L not too long ago. 
Does the U of R server have a firewall or a virus check? Is there some way 
the list software can detect and reject attachments? They shouldn't be sent 
to mailing lists in the first place--and I feel sure that John Hale 
wouldn't have done so, especially when the message seemed to refer to 
nothing discussed here recently.

Hope everyone is having a warm and carefree spring break.

Nancy Charlton

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