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Creamer, Kevin kcreamer at richmond.edu
Fri Mar 26 17:05:56 EST 2004


I am certain that John did not send that message to the list.  Unfortunately
one of the viruses or worms out there sent a message using his address to
the Milton list.  

Our list is set so that only subscribed members can post to the list.  On
any given day, 20 to 30 messages are prevented from going to the list,
almost all of which are spam or viruses.  Every now and then something like
John's message makes it through.

The important thing is to never open a file attachment unless you were
expecting it and understand what it is you are receiving. The message that
went to the list contained far too little information to be trusted.

Hopefully the folks who tweak spam filters and virus checkers will be able
to prevent such messages from getting to lists like ours, but for now the
best advice is to be careful.


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Kevin, et al.,

I am very suspicious of a message like this, and John Hale should know
if he is inadvertently sending a virus.

Best wishes,

Roy Flannagan

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