[Milton-L] Forum notify

Nancy Charlton n.charlton at comcast.net
Fri Mar 26 13:42:02 EST 2004

At 01:15 PM 3/26/2004, Roy Flannagan wrote:
>Kevin, et al.,
>I am very suspicious of a message like this, and John Hale should know
>if he is inadvertently sending a virus.

I opened the message but not the attachment when I saw its title. I have 
both Panda and AVG running on my computer and neither of them found 
anything. Panda, however, caught a dialer worm yesterday; it had attached 
itself to a file in my CD-burner software.

Seems to me we had a suspicious attachment on Milton-L not too long ago. 
Does the U of R server have a firewall or a virus check? Is there some way 
the list software can detect and reject attachments? They shouldn't be sent 
to mailing lists in the first place--and I feel sure that John Hale 
wouldn't have done so, especially when the message seemed to refer to 
nothing discussed here recently.

Hope everyone is having a warm and carefree spring break.

Nancy Charlton

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