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The quotation is from the beginning of the "second Book" of _Of Reformation_ 
(1641), pp. 43-44 of the original.  The passage can be found on page 572 of 
the Yale Edition of the Prose Works, vol. 1, or on p. 64 of Patrick's 
selection of the prose.  The full quotation:

"To be plainer Sir, how to soder, how to stop a leak, how to keep up the 
floting carcas of a crazie, and diseased Monarchy, or State betwixt wind, and 
water, swimming still upon her own dead lees, that now is the deepe designe of 
a politician."

Henry Limouze

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>An 1821 pamphlet, "The Source and Remedy of the National Difficulties,
>Deduced from Principles of Political Economy in a Letter to Lord John
>Russell," presents the following quote from Milton on its title page:
>"How to solder, how to stop a leak-- that now is the deep design of a
>politician." -- Milton
>Does anyone have any idea where that is from?
>Tom Walker
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