[Milton-L] Did John Milton write this quote? If so, where can I find it?

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The passages are from Milton's Christian Doctrine.  For the first, 
look in Yale volume 6, pp. 317-18 (or in the Columbia Works, vol. 15, 
p. 40).  For the second look on p. 400 of the Yale.

Steve Fallon

>I am doing research on Christian Mortalism. What I am studying are 
>the diverse beliefs
>concerning the soul; whether it is mortal or immortal. I have a 
>quote supposedly from
>The Prose Works of John Milton, Volume 4. I have looked through both 
>books Part I and
>Part II and I can't find it. Do you recognize this quote and can you 
>tell me where I can find it?
>"It may be inferred, unless we had rather take the heathen writers 
>for our teachers
>respecting the nature of the soul, that man is a living being, 
>intrinsically and properly one individual not compounded or 
>separable, not according to the common opinion made up and formed of 
>two distinct and separate natures as of a soul and body; but the 
>whole man is a soul, and the soul man." "The death of the body is 
>the loss or extinction of life. The common definition, which 
>supposes it to consist in the separation of soul and body is 

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