[Milton-L] Thank you: International Milton Congress

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I would like to add my appreciation to Carol's message.  Professor
Labriola and his staff managed to make each of us feel accepted within a
large and diverse group.  Many thanks!
Margaret Arnold

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	I think I can speak in behalf of every attendee who was
fortunate enough to experience the benefits of Al Labriola's careful and
very thoughtful planning, in saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the
International Milton Congress, which has just concluded. Exceedingly
well done, Professor Labriola, and kudos to your very efficient and most
congenial student staff, each member of which was as delightful as he or
she was knowlegdeable! Those who have not attempted to coordinate such
an event cannot imagine the work that goes into making it a success  . .
. thank you, thank you, thank you, all of you, for a most enjoyable
	All best wishes,
	Carol Barton
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