[Milton-L] Further to Gary Stringer's firing

Jameela Lares Jameela.Lares at usm.edu
Tue Mar 9 10:58:12 EST 2004

Dear Colleagues,

Several of you have written me at my other address to express your support.  I
thank you sincerely.

I had written on that address since one of the university's complaints against
Dr. Stringer is that he had "misused" the university computer by investigating
the credentials of a highly placed university official who had been hired
outside of normal channels and whose c.v. contains misleading information.  On
Sunday, I was concerned that I not draw a similar rebuke from my university,
but--my gosh!--how in the world could a proper investigation into charges that
would compromise the integrity of a university be construed as "misuse"?  Since
I am writing you out of my professional concern that the integrity of the
university be preserved, I must conclude that no jury would convict me. 

I appeal again to all of you, now in my own voice, to look into this matter if
you have not already done so.  The local AAUP website as
<http://www.aaup-usm.org> has now been updated to explain the situation, and to
provide links to news stories (including one in the Chronicle of Higher
Education) and contact information for the USM president's immediate superiors,
the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning.  If you are convinced, as am I,
that academic freedom and integrity are being attacked at USM, it would be most
helpful if you would voice your concerns to the IHL, to the concerned newspapers
in Mississippi and to your local newspapers.

I would also appreciate it if someone would send a copy of this message to
Ficino-L.  Our university system was upgraded on March 1 and I have only been
slowly rebuilding my listserv subscriptions.

Thanks again to all of you,


Jameela Lares
Associate Professor of English
University of So. Mississippi
Hattiesburg, MS  39406-5037
+601 266-6214 ofc
+601 266-5757 fax

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