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Frances Batycki dbatycki at ucalgary.ca
Mon Mar 1 11:10:41 EST 2004

I would recomment anything by Vickers, and especially his /In Defense of 
Rhetoric/, which makes several references to Milton, and which includes 
a sort of handy list at the end.  Vickers claims, in this text, that "If 
you cannot pick up a list of the figures and read it through avidly, 
thinking of all the instances of their application and re-creation in 
Petrarch or Racine, Shakespeare or Milton, then you have not yet thought 
yourself back into a Renaissance frame of mind" (283).  Oh that my mind 
could recall enough of the details of texts to do that.... 
Vickers also refers to a translation of /Orlando Furioso/ that Milton 
marked up in the margins with identifying rhetorical figures (260 -261).  
My apologies if I seem too much a Vicker-ite, but I do adore his work.

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