Rich Text Re: [Milton-L] virus message?

Carol Barton cbartonphd at
Sat Jan 31 19:33:01 EST 2004

Carrol, I can understand why you'd say that "Rich Text (MIME,HTML etc.) is
one of the things in the world that makes me question my opposition to the
Death Penalty. :-) The sort of trouble  it is causing Prof. Broaddus is just
one of its many obnoxious features"--but in its defense, it makes correcting
papers online so much easier, and allows one to color-code things for
explanatory purposes that make them far simpler to comprehend. I make
comments to my students in blue, corrections in red, so that they can tell
the difference between a mandatory (that is, non-stylistic) change, where
something is simply wrong, and an "I'd recommend revising this section this
way" (which they have the option to ignore). On discussion lists like this
one, I try to remember to turn the Rich Text capability off---but sometimes,
if I am responding to an e-mail sent to me that way, which does occasionally
happen on Milton-L, I forget . . . so a standing apology to all of those who
find those intermittent lapses annoying.

And please don't invoke the death penalty in response!


Carol Barton

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