[Milton-L] Source (death poems, infant mortality, etc.)

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Sat Jan 31 11:09:19 EST 2004

Dear List:

Perhaps John Boswell's study on fostering and infanticide in the Middle Ages 
(the title escapes me and I have not drunk enough coffee yet) may also 
generate some insight.  He seems to posit the view that the public 
institutionalization of child-rearing practices (hospitals and foundling homes; see McNamara, 
Sisters in Arms, the chapter Martha's Part, for a particularly horrific incident 
in 17th century France) in the early modern period was detrimental to infant 
mortality rates and perhaps influenced attitudes about that relationship.  I 
read Stone not too long ago and realize that many of his views have been called 
into question. 

Scott Grunow
Department of English
City Colleges of Chicago

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