[Milton-L] Update on "My Doom" Virus

Dan Knauss tiresias at juno.com
Fri Jan 30 15:11:41 EST 2004

The distribution versions of Linux that cost something are extremely
inexpensive, but you're not forced to buy them to get software
applications. haven't you heard of open source software? (Which is what
Linux is--hence all the different versions.) Thanks to open source, you
can even outfit a Mac or PC with free, quality office suites (and much
else) that are compatible with the mainstream brands. I don't approve of
the devillish worm-spreaders, but I think there is at least a case to be
made for sympathizing with the devil's party if Redmond's
monopolist-monarchist is God. -Dan

On Fri, 30 Jan 2004 13:41:02 -0600 Carrol Cox <cbcox at ilstu.edu> writes:
> > Dan Knauss wrote:
> > 
> > [CLIP] Satan
> > has a good offer in this case--like the Mac OS, Linux is not only
> > virus-free, it is a free product itself. -Dan Knauss
> This is not quite accurate. Linux is only an operating system, and
> operating systems are utterly useless in themselves. If you are not 
> an
> expert programmer and want to get any use out of Linux, you have to 
> buy
> it along with the applications compatible with it from Red Hat or 
> other
> companies offering it in usable form.
> Carrol
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