[Milton-L] bibliographic suggestion

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Jan 30 10:57:08 EST 2004

I don't know how many grad students would have time to do any of the
following reading, but these are books which might be noted on the
bibliography at least to expand the student's sense of possibility.


Robert Brenner, Merchants and Revolution: Commercial Change, Political
Conflict, and London's Overseas Traders, 1550-1663.

Michael McKeon, The Origins of the English Novel 1600-1740. (Anniversary
Edition, 2002)

Ellen Meiksins Wood & Neal Wood, A Trumpet of Sedition: Political Theory
and the Rise of Capitalism 1509-1688

Colin Mooers, The Making of Bourgeois Europe: Absolutism, Revolution,
and the Rise of Capitalism  in England, France and Germany.

Ellen Meiksins Wood, The Pristine Culture of Capitalism: A Historical
Essay on Old Regimes and Modern States.

T.H. Aston & C.H.E. PHilpin, eds., The Brenner Debate: Agrarian Class
Structure and Economic Development in Pre-Industrial Europe.

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