[Milton-L] "My Doom" worm/virus

Carol Barton cbartonphd at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 30 07:25:23 EST 2004

Carrol (and all):

What has been said up to this point was true until now, but apparently, the
"My Doom" worm has attributes of a virus (that is, it not only replicates
itself to all addresses in the victim's mailbox; it also carries with it
executable code that initiates with the opening of the infected e-mail. I
haven't researched the details yet, but anyone who has the time to do so can
find them (and a wealth of other information on virus protection and scams)
at www.symantec.com, which is where one can also subscribe to the
(relatively inexpensive, and very effective) Norton Antivirus program. I
would urge everyone who has a stand-alone computer (that is, one that is not
part of a local area network, as any on-campus machine would be) to get some
sort of up-to-date virus protection; far better safe than sorry.

Best to all,

Carol Barton
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> "Peter C. Herman" wrote:
> >
> >  From what I understand, these viruses only take effect IF someone opens
> > the attachment. And as to how John's e-mail address got used, it is
> > that John's computer was not used. Rather, his e-mail address was in
> > someone else's computer which the virus infected. The viruses then found
> > the other person's email address book, and sent out versions of itself
> > using those addresses.
> >
> > In other words, John is innocent, and considerably worse damage will be
> > done to this list if he un-subscribes.
> >
> > Peter C. Herman
> Yes, this is exactly the case. I'm sorry my original post did not make
> absolutely clear that it was a case of "spoofing" the address, not
> hijacking the machine.
> Carrol
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