Virus? Re: [Milton-L] HELLO (This really is from me)

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Jan 29 21:34:25 EST 2004

"Peter C. Herman" wrote:
>  From what I understand, these viruses only take effect IF someone opens up
> the attachment. And as to how John's e-mail address got used, it is likely
> that John's computer was not used. Rather, his e-mail address was in
> someone else's computer which the virus infected. The viruses then found
> the other person's email address book, and sent out versions of itself
> using those addresses.
> In other words, John is innocent, and considerably worse damage will be
> done to this list if he un-subscribes.
> Peter C. Herman

Yes, this is exactly the case. I'm sorry my original post did not make
absolutely clear that it was a case of "spoofing" the address, not
hijacking the machine.


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