Virus? Re: [Milton-L] HELLO (This really is from me)

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Jan 29 21:31:48 EST 2004

John Leonard wrote:
> I did not send that message and it does not appear in my sent mail
> folder.  I am an ignoramus as to how these things work, so I don't know
> whether my address was merely "spoofed" or (more alarmingly) my machine
> hi-jacked.  I do know that I (and many others on my campus) have had
> attachments in incoming mail purged by our university firewall system.
> So I doubt if the message had a harmful attachment.  But if it did, let
> me know and I'll unsubscribe from Milton-L until this is sorted.  I
> would really hate to be the conduit (however unwilling) of a virus to
> this community.
> Apologies to all for having my name taken in vain,

This post would never have passed through your university. It was sent
from somewhere else with the address faked -- and probably did contain a
virus (which my Norton would have stripped from it, as would many
servers before sending it on). I keep getting posts I never sent bounced
to me as containing a virus. Nothing you can do about it except don't
open attachments and be a bit careful about clicking URLs unless you are
sure the post really is from someone you know.

And it would be just your name, not your machine.


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