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Let me second Norman Burns's post.  John Colet, the founder of St. 
Paul's School, had 18 siblings. He was the only one who survived into 

John Schaeffer

Norman Burns wrote:

> Angelica--
>         I remember once being impressed by reading (I can't remember 
> where) that the London merchant and Leveller intellectual William 
> Walwyn was the father of (I believe) 20 children and outlived them 
> all.  Walwyn was a bit of a challenge since he lived to be 80. 
>         The case of Walwyn serves to remind me of how difficult it is 
> for us to imagine what it was like to live on when surrounded by the 
> frequent deaths of family members--from parents to the stillborn and 
> children, and the mothers and wives who so often died bearing them. 
>         And Boyd Berry does well in his post to remind us of the 
> intimacy of those deaths in the family home.  I've never been 
> satisfied that I have nearly got my mind around this everyday 
> circumstance of early modern domestic life.
> --Norm Burns
> At 01:36 PM 1/29/04 -0500, you wrote:
>> Hello, Carol Barton,
>> While I am using the same syllabus as in previous years for my 
>> English 444: Milton course, each experience of teaching Milton is so 
>> very distinct.  I assign weekly reading microthemes and reading 
>> responses: and so many of the students wrote about very complex 
>> issues surrounding death and Milton's early poems, including the 
>> Hobson poems.  In the last class, dedicated primarily to "On the 
>> Death of a Fair Infant," we discussed the absence of poems on the 
>> deaths of his son, mother, and others, then the function of poetry as 
>> social catharsis, personal catharsis, etc. bringing in Ben Jonson's 
>> poems on the deaths of his son and daughter. I will use Frye to begin 
>> our next class meeting.
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