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You are probably thinking of Northrop Frye's essay, "Literature as Context: Milton's Lycidas" (1959), reprinted in Frye's Fables of Identity (New York: Harcourt Brace/ Harbinger Books, 1963), 119-29:  
        Lycidas is a passionately sincere poem, because Milton was deeply interested in the structure             and symbolism of funeral elegies, and had been practising since adolescence on every fresh             corpse in sight, from the university beadle to the fair infant dying of cough (125).

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  Hello, scholars, 

  I am willing to subject myself to some professional embarrassment for the sake of responding with accuracy to some of my students' interest in the presence of death in so many of Milton's early works by admitting that I have forgotten the lovely wording and the author of a quip referring to Milton writing poems over every dead body he stumbled upon.  My haphazard electronic search was of no aid.  Can anyone out there help me?


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