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Hello, Angelica, et alia,

That was Northrop Frye, and I quoted him somewhere in the notes to the
early elegiac elegies in the Riverside Milton as saying something very
like "Milton was practicing on every fresh corpse in sight."  The remark
is cute, witty, and typical of Northrop Frye.


Roy F

>>> ADuran at sla.purdue.edu 01/29/04 10:15 AM >>>
Hello, scholars,

I am willing to subject myself to some professional embarrassment for
the sake of responding with accuracy to some of my students' interest in
the presence of death in so many of Milton's early works by admitting
that I have forgotten the lovely wording and the author of a quip
referring to Milton writing poems over every dead body he stumbled upon.
 My haphazard electronic search was of no aid.  Can anyone out there
help me?


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