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>But is it the fruit itself or the act of disobedience that gives "new 
>knowledge"?  And would that knowledge have ranked as wisdom if the 
>disobedience had not occurred?  Is the mortality of the tree's "mortal 
>taste" in the tree or in the act of tasting?

Perhaps it will be of interest here to recall another who tried to answer 
this question:

"Or, figliuol mio, non il gustar del legno
     fu per sé la cagion di tanto essilio,
     ma solamente il trapassar del segno."

"Now, my son [says Adam to Dante], not the tasting of the tree [lit., wood]
was through itself the cause of so great an exile [i.e., the Fall],
but solely the transgression of the boundary [also: limit, marker, sign]."

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