[Milton-L] help interpret a line

Rose Williams rwill627 at cox.net
Wed Jan 21 18:21:47 EST 2004

Ah Carrol,
All this makes me recall Housman:

Malt does more than Milton can
To justify God's ways to man.
Rose Williams
> James Rovira wrote:
> >
> >
> > So while Milton's Satan is very much his own creation, for PL to "work,"
> > and especially to "justify the ways of God to men," this Satan has to
> > have something in common with current ideas about Satan during Milton's
> > time.
> I would not accept the argument that for PL to "work," it must "justify
> the ways of God to men" (or to women either for that matter). That it
> flagrantly fails to do for me (since I do not take the premise of the
> existence of god as even worth debating)  --  _unless_ one sees its
> "God" as nothing but (nor nothing less) than an element in a poem. The
> "justification" does not work "outside" the poem because its premise,
> the metaphysical worth of "free choice for the sake of free choice," is
> simply absurd as a perspective on "reality naked," however impressive as
> an element in the poem.

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