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Gardner Campbell gcampbel at mwc.edu
Wed Jan 21 13:47:18 EST 2004

Yes, but isn't this particular line of reasoning suspect because it
can't be argued against? Satan claims that contrary evidence is actually
supporting evidence. All evidence is thus supporting evidence. Neatly,
the very notion of "evidence" vanishes away. An odd thing emerges:
persuasive nullity.

Does every assertion of consistency between underlying principles and
instances of their application necessarily render all possible
contradictions invalid? (That's a real question, actually.)

Gardner Campbell
Mary Washington College

>>> jfleming at sfu.ca 01/21/04 10:35AM >>>
Is there really anything "poisoned" or "Satanic" about the logic of
"your fear itself of death removes the fear"? Granted, "bad logic" is
the sort of thing that we think we are supposed to say about the sorts
of things that Satan says; but isn't that rather reductive and
convenient? It seems to me that "your fear itself of death removes the
fear" is the kind of enthymeme that we quite often employ when trying to
examine the consistency between underlying principles and instances of
their application. 

J.D. Fleming


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