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I love you.

it's my birthday, btw.



school starts again next week or so and the guy in charge of the MFA program has SO chapped me that I will not be attending SJSU - not even applying there and I intend to tel the admin exactly why since they will be curious.

I'm being arrogant.

it's fun for me.

Life is rolling rolling rolling along.

Say - if I was to ask you to write me a letter of recommendation, would you?

You could you know. You're just as qualified as anybody else.

Besides which you like me.  You could even write two. One that says what you really think, and then another one of those wonders of prose you generate that makes people want to wash my car and pick up my dry cleaning....


Again - I'm in a mood.

Of course you would have to recount the circumstances under which we became acquainted. But you're qualified to judge my potential as a writer and the originality and depth of my thought. My sincere regard for the craft. That kind of crap.  : )

Eventually I would hope to use such a letter in conjunction with my application to Iowa.

fall 2005

deep sigh.

i have met the enemy...

and we have a date tonight.

love love love 

nothing but.

devotion itself
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