[Milton-L] help interpret a line

Beth Bradburn bradbure at wfu.edu
Tue Jan 20 13:19:28 EST 2004

I would paraphrase the line as "Your fear of God removes the fear of 
death."  Satan has just argued that if God is not just then He is not 
really God and therefore not to be feared, in the sense of "respected" 
(701).  With typical Satanic logical inversion and shifting of terms, 
then: if you *do* fear God, then He *must* be just, and if He is just, 
He can't hurt you (698-700). So fear (respect) of God "removes" the fear 
(terror)of death.

Beth Bradburn

mdanenichols at joimail.com wrote:
> Could someone provide an analysis of line IX.702: "Your fear
> itself of death removes the fear"? 
> Thank you, Dane 
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