[Milton-L] Why sin in Milton's creation?

Deborah Dale dariel at whidbey.com
Tue Jan 20 09:29:20 EST 2004

>The question  I was asking was, "Why create people -at all-?",

Perhaps a true artist needs to create, as well as to give?  Personally, I am
awe-stricken by the powerful Physiological and psychological processes of
our bodies; knowing that there are nearly one million ganglion fibers in the
retina; knowing that almost a million neural messages can be sent by the
optic nerve through these fibers to the brain at once (sever the optic nerve
and we hint at our mortality).  I am awe-stricken that our difference
threshold for vision allows us to discriminate some seven million different
color variations. King David knew he was "fearfully and wonderfully made!"
(Psalms, 139:14).  A different piece of artwork than the angels, perhaps,
and what artist would want to create the same piece over and over again?  I
used to say "the auditory cortex"; now I say "MY auditory cortex--and I
enjoy it!

Debbie Dale

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