[Milton-L] New virus alert

Peter C. Herman herman2 at mail.sdsu.edu
Tue Jan 20 07:33:53 EST 2004

This is important, as I've received several messages that my virus 
detection software caught.

Peter C. Herman

At 10:16 AM 1/20/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Somewhat off topic, but seemed important.  I received the following from 
>the moderator of another listserve.
>Hi all.  I wanted to let you know that there is a new virus making the
>rounds, targeting PCs running Windows.  It has appeared in my mailbox
>several times in the last three days.  (I'm on either a Mac or a Unix
>system, depending on where I am sitting, so I am safe from it -- but PC
>users running MS Windows are definitely targeted.)
>It is possible that a list member might be infected and might
>unintentionally spread it to the list.
>The virus protection people have issued new patches for it, so please be
>sure to update your virus definitions immediately.
>The virus is called "Beagle" or "Bagle" (depending on who you ask).  It
>gets in your system and reads various files looking for email addresses,
>then sends itself to every address it finds.
>It includes an .exe file (which you should NOT click on!) that is
>randomly named, and the message in the body typically says this:
>    Test =)
>    duanvshkwvukdir
>    --
>    Test, yep.
>*Please* protect yourself and us.  Get your virus software updated and
>scan your system.  If this hits someone on the list of subscribers, there
>is not a thing I can do to prevent the spread of the virus.  Only
>subscribers can post messages, but if you get infected and the thing
>masquerades as the address under which you are subscribed, the infected
>message will go to all subscribers.
>If this thing gets into the list, I will switch the setup such that the
>list will be moderated by me, meaning I need to approve all messages
>before they go out.  I'd rather not have to do that....
>This has been a public service announcement!
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