[Milton-L] Why sin in Milton's creation?

Alanhorn3 at cs.com Alanhorn3 at cs.com
Tue Jan 20 01:36:56 EST 2004

<< The real question, then, is, "Why did God go on and create free beings 
 when He was aware that they were going to sin?" 
 The answer you'll have to take up with God.  >>

What's the problem? Milton tells us what God has to say about this:

Not free, what proof could they have giv'n sincere
Of true allegiance, constant faith or love,
Where only what they needs must do, appeared,
Not what they would? What praise could they receive?
What pleasure I from such obedience paid,
When will and reason (reason also is choice)
Useless and vain, of freedom both despoiled,
Made passive both, had served necessity,
Not me.    (III, 103-112)

Alan H

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