[Milton-L] Why sin in Milton's creation?

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A MOST EXCELLENT question!   = )
In PR, I, line 337 (?) Satan says, "For what he bids I do." <-- Satan does what G. tells him to do.  
He has no choice. He is designed to be bad. To quote Jessica Rabbit, he was "drawn that way."   --> Mankind has been invested with choice.<-- that's the point. 
God made Satan.
Satan (exists and) generated Sin.
notsoindirectlythen God made Sin.
That's not2cool when you first think about it - except if you think about it maybe like this:
<Insert discussion of Fortunate Fall here.>
God created Satan and Sin to provide contrast to the blissfully ignorant devotion of mankind.

Maybe he didn't like the blind devotion. (The Great I AM, that's some big Ego and may be looking for more than "psycho-fancy" ~ ; )  ~adoration.  
Ergo: set 'em up for a fall, kick 'em out, see what they do. 

<Insert Discussion of Free Will here>
<Discuss "the virtue of a choice" <-- particularly in relation to how personal perception of freedom can alter decision making. (important w/ teen agers)
Satan was given no choice.
<Insert Sympathetic Satan Discussion here.>
(apply time limit) =)
Discuss also:

If God is responsible for bringing Sin into the world, then is he not also responsible for introducing suffering?  
If He hadn't already planned for the Salvation portion of the evening that introduction of sin and suffering might seem pretty uncool - it might be difficult to understand why you would want to worship and devote yourself to a such a mean "God." 
Insert discussion of "The Quality of Mercy" -- when A&E get the boot, they are also granted mortality, because it seemed like overkill to God to leave us fallen forever. PL XI, around line 60.
Insert "Implications of 'Paradise Regained'."     -- or --     "...'Regained'".        w/e
Characterize the Narrator's impression and opinion of the Heavenly Creator in PL. That's an educated man's thirty year meditation on faith!!  It gives me shivers.
How did love become misdirected in the
first place? 
Proving once again that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,

 How did love become misdirected in the
first place? Does Milton address that in any of his
writings outside of PL, or within it even? Thank you, Dane
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