[Milton-L] Milton and Bulgaria

Jameela Lares jlares at ocean.otr.usm.edu
Fri Jan 16 13:50:27 EST 2004

Dear Listmembers,

A colleague in Bulgaria advises me of the following, which may be of 

"Milton and Bulgaria may seem universes apart but not really so. A book
has just come out which publishes for the first time texts by Svetoslav
Milarov. He was a briliiant intellectual of the late 19th century who,
unfortunately for him, dabbled in politics and opposed the
revolutionary-turned-dictator Stefan Stambolov (1889-1894, hacked to death
in 1895). The latter accused Milarov of treason and hanged him. Balkan
mores, no doubt. The book contains the initial version of a large poem
titled Heavenly Coup d'etat. It was never finished or published but was
meant to a response to Dante, Milton and the French occultist Papus. The
Bulgarian title is: S. Milarov, Nebesniat prevrat (Sofia, Fakel, 2003, 224


Jameela Lares

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