[Milton-L] Milton's use of rhetoric

Shannon Reed sreed at cornellcollege.edu
Sun Feb 29 11:08:23 EST 2004

I'm preparing to teach a course on John Milton and plan to focus
specifically on Milton's rhetoric.

Among all of the fabulous web-pages out there, is there one that lists the
rhetorical devices/tropes/figures that Milton uses most frequently?  Or are
there any reference works that do so?  I've done a couple of google searches
and haven't come up with much beyond online syllabi.

I've given the students Lanham's *Handlist of Rhetorical Terms*, but I
suspect it will be a bit overwhelming for undergrads (and we're doing all of
this in 3 1/2 weeks), so I would be grateful for any leads that might make
their investigation of Milton's rhetoric more efficient.

Shannon L. Reed
sreed at cornellcollege.edu

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