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Fri Feb 27 06:45:45 EST 2004

><<  Can we not imagine, in this dramatic circumstance, 
> "Never, never, never, never, never" being not only not all 
trochaic or 
> all iambic, but wildly syncopated, as in, spondee, trochee, 
> indeterminate trochee or iamb, iamb, pyrrhic?  

I teach "Lear" every semester in the British survey and one 
of the things I ask students to do is show me different 
plausible ways that this line, and "Howl" and the "Nothing" 
exchange between Lear and Cordelia could be acted, depending 
on hwo they read the character at that point in the play.  
It helps them see that the word on the page really doesn't 
live until it is spoken and acted.
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