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Wow.  Obviously?  Can we not imagine, in this dramatic circumstance, 
"Never, never, never, never, never" being not only not all trochaic or 
all iambic, but wildly syncopated, as in, spondee, trochee, (caesura,) 
indeterminate trochee or iamb, iamb, pyrrhic?  There's "obviously" a 
longish, dramatic pause between this line and the next, thereby 
allowing, if not necessarily encouraging, such a wildly syncopated line. 
 Wild syncopation could well reflect the state of being of the 
character.  And all of this does not consider the possible recourse to 


Sara van den Berg wrote:

> I think Carrol's comment might be amplified.  "Never, never, never, 
> never, never" is the only all-trochee line in Shakespeare's works.  It 
> is obviously not iambic.  I once heard the noted San Francisco actor, 
> William Ball, give a spellbinding lecture on metrics.  He cited that 
> line, and compared it (and grieving Lear) to "a great engine slowly 
> coming to a final stop."
> Sara van den Berg
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>     Iambic:  Raging before death, no; dwindling, sorrowfully, into
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>     Carrol Cox wrote:
>>"Walthall, Hugh W CONTRACTOR WRAIR-Wash DC" wrote:
>>>Never never never never never.   -Shakespeare
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