[Milton-L] Memorization

Daniel W. Doerksen dwd at unb.ca
Mon Feb 23 16:51:08 EST 2004

At 01:35 PM 2/23/04 -0500, James Rovira wrote:
  My experience in 
>Evangelical churches (I probably should have said this instead of 
>Prostestant) leads me to believe that rote memorization is anathema to them.

But when my young granddaughter attended a conservative Baptist church, she
memorized many Bible verses in their program for children. Now in a
different city and attending a Presbyterian church, she instead learns
songs by heart by singing in the junior choir.  

I have found that one of the best (and most enjoyable) ways of memorizing
is to learn to sing something in a good choir. 

(At the moment, the only Milton song I can remember singng is "Let us with
a gladsome mind / Praise the Lord, for he is kind.")

Dan Doerksen

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