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In Of Education, Milton recommends nurturing teachers for "charming" education, which if in place would make memorization something devoutly to be wished for advanced studies:

"When all these employments are well conquer'd, then will the choise Histories, heroic poems, and Attic tragedies of statliest and most regal argument, with all the famous Politicall orations offer themselves; which if they were not only read; but some og them got by memory, and solemnly pronounc't with right accent, and grace, as might be taught, would endue them even with the spirit, and vigor of Demosthenes or Cicero, Euripedes, or Sophocles" (Riverside Milton 984).

It seems this activity would involve the teacher's own display of memorization -- "as might be taught" -- as one of our discussion members mentioned.


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