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Fri Feb 20 16:29:59 EST 2004

>   Better than memorizing dates would be to memorize a
>   few stanzas of Milton.
Here's a question for the list: do any of you require 
students to memorize and recite passages from the poetry? If 
so, which and why? 

It used to be the case that Chaucer students were required to 
memorize and recite the beginning of the General Prologue; in 
fact, this was required of high school students long ago.  My 
late father, who attended high school in Attica, New York in 
the 30s was required to do this, and could reel it off pretty 
convincingly for years and years.  A martini enhanced the 
vigor of the performance.

I was not asked to memorize poetry, but ended up memorizing a 
poem in 6th grade, because we did a dramatic rendering 
of "Barbara Fritchie," and I was part of the narrative 
chorus, and we rehearsed a lot.

I regret to say that I can still reel off a good chunk of "Up 
from the meadows, rich with corn..."  I, too, find that a 
martini helps.

Please - tell about memorization efforts, if any.

Cynthia G.


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