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teaching practicesHe/she just just got confused in the heat of the test.If you don't give him/her full credit, he/she will never forgive you. If you do give him/her full credit, he/she will realize that you are a decent human being.  

I have never forgiven Miss Curtis for marking my answer, "William C. Bryant," wrong. The "correct" answer was "William Cullen Bryant. That was in the 7th grade in 1941.

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  Hello, scholars, 

  I remember a professor I respected once mentioning what he did in cases like the one I am about to decribe.  I cannot remember his practice.  So, I ask for your advice.  A student just turned in a midterm exam, part of which requires students to identify the composition, publication, or performance date of a number of Milton's texts.  This student wrote in answers which correctly identified the decade and year but not the century: for example, "Lycidas" 1937.  What to do? Partial credit or no credit.  While I will ultimately have to decide, I value your opinions.


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