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James Rovira jrovira at drew.edu
Fri Feb 20 13:01:55 EST 2004

If the decade and year were correct on almost all or all answers, but 
the century was incorrect, I'd ask the student personally during which 
century Milton published his work (without mentioning the error).  If 
the student is correct, I'd give full credit for the answers, assuming 
it was just a momentary lapse.  If the student is incorrect, I'd mark 
all incorrect answers as incorrect.

But I think I tend to be a bit soft.


Duran, Angelica wrote:

> Hello, scholars,
> I remember a professor I respected once mentioning what he did in 
> cases like the one I am about to decribe.  I cannot remember his 
> practice.  So, I ask for your advice.  A student just turned in a 
> midterm exam, part of which requires students to identify the 
> composition, publication, or performance date of a number of Milton's 
> texts.  This student wrote in answers which correctly identified the 
> decade and year but not the century: for example, "Lycidas" 1937.  
> What to do? Partial credit or no credit.  While I will ultimately have 
> to decide, I value your opinions.
> Adios,
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